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Important delivery information


The vast majority of our products ordered for delivery are bulk ton bags of soil and will be delivered by a lorry with a crane. One of our staff will always be in contact with you prior to your allocated delivery time in order to ensure that you will be available to receive your order. 

In order to ensure that your delivery can be delivered in a timely manner, all we ask is that you allow sufficient space for our delivery truck, and that your driveway has no obstructions such as a car or skip. We will always try and accommodate your request to have your order delivered as near as possible to your requirements, but this cannot always be possible due to limited access, trees, obstacles and a limited reach of our crane.

Points to remember:

  • Our delivery offering is kerb-side delivery or the most convenient accessible point where possible for our customers. (Deliveries to certain driveways and laneways may not always be possible.

  • If you have confirmed delivery and are not available receive delivery, we may be able to reschedule at another time, however an additional delivery charge will apply.

  • Straffan Oaks Yard will not accept any liability for damages to property caused during delivery whereby the customer has instructed drivers or have made specific requests for goods to be placed any where other than the kerbside.

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that access routes of delivery points can withstand the weight of a vehicle which weighs 18 tonnes or more

  • Should you request to have any goods lifted over walls, hedges or fences, this must be agreed before delivery. We cannot confirm this beforehand as our drivers will need to determine if this can be done safely. You the customer,  agree to accept liability for any damages caused to the property. It is the customers responsibility to advice us in advance of any overhanging lampposts, overhanging branches or other dangerous obstacles that may impede a safe delivery.

  • Our delivery vehicles will NEVER drive across fields, unmade roads or mount grass verges.

If a customer insists on any vehicle to leave the public road and enter their property or premises of delivery then the customer accepts liability for any damages caused to the property, vehicle or other, any such request must be agreed prior to delivery. In such cases that delivery, in the opinion of the company is not possible, then the company reserves the right to cancel the order. If the company cannot gain access to the delivery address then additional costs may be incurred and shall ultimately fall to the customer.


Straffan Oaks Yard pride itself on customer service and in general we aim to get your order processed and delivered in 3-5 working days. During peak times when demand is greater, this may be extended by up to 2 working days. We will always aim to deliver to you as soon as possible, however to avoid disappointment  we would ask that you would allow the maximum length of time to allow for unforeseen circumstances.

A member of our team will always contact you in advance of your delivery time to ensure that you are ready to receive your order. 

We will deliver to your door from only €25 per order. 

Our delivery rates are based on Eircode regions to ensure best value at time of order.

W91 - Delivery rates are FROM €25.

Due to the large geographical area of this region, the rates will vary between €25 and €50. Please see our product page for exact rates , or tel 01 627 6500.

W23 &  K78                                         €25 

 D22 & D22                                          €35 

 D10, D15 & D20                                  €40 

 A86                                                      €50 

A85, D11, D07, D12, D6W & D24       €60 

D08 &  D14                                           €65 


D04                                                       €70 

D05, K67 &D16                                     €75

D13, K36,D13 & K36                             €80 

D18                                                        €90 



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