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  1. Is there a delivery charge on our products? Yes, however, the charge does vary depending on your location.


   2.  What is our best product for growing plants and vegetables etc?          We recommend our pro-grow as it is enriched with extra nutrients perfect for growing plants and vegetables.

   3. Is our business eco-friendly? We try to be as eco-friendly as possible. While selling garden supplies and encouraging back garden biodiversity, we also allow wildlife to grow and flourish our premises, sometimes you may even spot cottontail rabbits running through the field!


   4. Can a customer arrive at our premises and have a look around?         Of course, we welcome any incoming customers and make accommodations to make our premises as safe and customer-friendly as possible.


   5. Where are our premises located? While we do not currently have an eircode, you can access directions to our premises by clicking the directions option on our google profile.


  6. How long has our business been open? We have been open since ____ but have come a long way since when we first opened.


   7. What do we sell? You can access a full list of our products on our website in the shop section but some of our most popular products include screened topsoil, bark mulch, and pro-gro. We recently got in a selection of plants which customers are welcomed to visit our premises to take a look at (please see question 4).


   8. How has Covid-19 affected our business? Covid-19 has affected everyone in different ways however, for us we have made our business covid friendly by practicing social distancing between our staff on-site and between customers while delivering products. We have also made our business more accessible online by improving our website and creating social media accounts.


   9. How does weather affect our business? Weather is a key                    component of our business and can impact our customers as well. Summer is our peak season with the warm weather being ideal for gardening so we ask our customers to allow 5-7 days for delivery. We also ensure your products will come in as good quality as possible regardless of the weather.


  10. How do I place an order? You can place an order through our website, by dropping us a call or text or visiting our premises.

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